you can make something incredible.

launch your own business or project

gain future-ready skills to help you thrive in any space

find your passions

made for curious teens, from different backgrounds, anywhere in the world

whether you already have an idea or are looking to be inspired, if you’re a straight a student or tests aren’t your thing, The Journey is for you. we believe that any teen who is committed to learning and building something incredible is a fit for this program.

how it works

  • it's 100% online
  • you meet weekly with your cohort for 2h
  • you'll do at least 3 hours of extra work per week on community events like mentoring, brain dates, or working on your project
  • you'll gain confidence, new mindsets and new ways of looking at challenges

from sept 10 2024
until june 1 2025

choose a time that works for you and meet every week at the same time. time options:

9 am - 11am ET
5 pm - 7pm ET
11 am - 1 pm ET
3 pm - 5pm ET
times are in eastern time (usa)

1-month money back guarantee

if by the end of the first month you feel like this isn’t for you, we’ll give you back the money, no questions asked. to qualify for this, you should attend every session and be active in our community.

ready to do something incredible?

begin your journey

launch your business or project

acquire a global network of ambitious teens

get 1:1 mentoring by founders, experts and ceos who’ve done it before

improve your self-confidence and grit

financial aid is available. check out our faq for more info.